Other Upper Limb Injuries and Conditions

The hand and upper extremity of the human body perform some of the most important functions in day-to-day existence. Eating, writing, holding and pulling are movements to which few give a great deal of thought, though represent some of the most fascinating in the study of the musculoskeletal system.

The range of motion that the human thumb possesses itself is the one distinct characteristic that cannot be duplicated in the entire animal kingdom. The range of motion in the joints and intricate involvement of ligaments, tendons and nerves of the hand and upper extremity afford us the ability to not only perform life-sustaining tasks, but also participate in some of life's greatest pleasures - touching, throwing and catching a ball, fishing, sailing, cooking, holding hands and so much more.

The hands and upper extremity are also used frequently as shields in a fall or impending impact, as well as tools of defense.

Because individuals utilize fully the capacity of the hand and upper extremity in daily tasks, sports and extracurricular activity, as well as in threatening situations, some of the most common injuries and conditions in orthopedics involve the upper extremity.

And this activity, over time, takes a toll on the joints, soft tissue and bones of the hands and upper extremity - ultimately ending with a degenerative condition if not maintained, strengthened and properly cared for along the way. All injuries or aches should be addressed, in order to ensure that the quiet degenerative affects of a condition that goes untreated does not cause permanent damage and affect overall quality of life.