December 13, 2010

Houston Hand, Wrist and Elbow Specialist Dr. David Hildreth Performs New Modified LRTI Procedure for Arthritis of the Thumb, Reduces Surgical and Recovery Times

Recently Modified Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition Procedure - Yielding Successful Outcome for Arthritis Sufferers

HOUSTON - Dr. David Hildreth now offers arthritis sufferers a modified Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition (LRTI) procedure that is cutting operating time in half and reducing pain and recovery time.

As one of the most common forms of arthritis in women, basilar joint arthritis or arthritis of the thumb, Dr. Hildreth continually works to provide effective treatment options for optimal, long term hand function - refining reconstructive and partial joint replacement procedures.

Dr. Hildreth, who helped shape the orthopedic program at Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital System in Houston, continues to specialize in the small bones and joints of the hand, wrist and elbow as the hand specialist of Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic.

The newly modified LRTI procedure is the latest joint preserving procedure he has made popular at the RBJC clinics.

"We're excited that this modified procedure will reduce the amount of time a patient spends in the OR and under anesthesia. By reducing surgical time, we are reducing risks," said Dr. Hildreth.

"This shorter procedure is also reducing the amount of postoperative pain patients experience and prompting a more rapid recovery. They're able to begin using their hand more quickly and as a result have better outcomes," added Dr. Hildreth.

The modified LRTI procedure is performed on patients suffering from arthritis of the thumb as well as those experiencing carpal metacarpal (CMC) instability. Dr. Hildreth performs partial and total joint replacement procedures for degenerative joint conditions as well as minimally invasive procedures for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and Dupuytren's Disease.

Featured among the medical innovators spotlighted in Newsweek magazine and annually appearing on the Texas Super Doctorsí and international Best Doctors' lists, Dr. Hildreth is a published author and an associate professor of Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

Dr. Hildreth practices at the RBJC Richmond, Sugar Land and Katy locations. Log onto to learn more about LRTI, or call (877) 702-MYMD (6963) to speak to a member of his staff and make an appointment. View introduction video: Meet Dr. Hildreth