March 8, 2010

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Houston Hand, Wrist and Elbow Specialist Dr. David Hildreth Responds to Pleas for More Orthopedic Surgeons in Haiti

Hildreth Accompanies Richmond Bone & Joint Colleagues to Aid Effort and Medical Teams still Overwhelmed Weeks Following the Devastating Earthquake

HOUSTON - Dr. David Hildreth and his colleagues from the Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic continue to show what sets their orthopedic team apart - putting cases aside to help medical efforts on the ground in devastated Haiti.

The elite team of RBJC orthopedic surgeons responded to pleas for additional orthopedic specialists needed to aid Haitian victims and immediately began alternating specialists in different areas over the weeks following the earthquake.

Specializing in injuries to the hand, wrist and elbow, Dr. Hildreth followed general orthopedic surgeons Drs. Michael Kent and Tom Rivers and pain management physician Dr. Javier Canon. The physicians were transported and accompanied by Drs. Juliet and Scott Breeze, who also brought medical supplies donated by the clinic and Fort Bend community.

The lack of orthopedic surgeons in Haiti has resulted in a high loss of limbs, as unattended open fractures result in life-threatening infections, so the immediate goal of the physicians was to properly set broken bones, salvage damaged limbs and address open wounds bandaged but left unattended since the earthquake.

Working together with the Greene Team, a group assembled by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Craig Greene of Baton Rouge specifically for earthquake victims of Haiti, Hildreth and his RBJC colleagues provided care to some of the most critical patients at a medical post in the Dominican Republic.

"Although the conditions were primitive, the US medical teams brought an expectation of care that we all tried hard to meet," said Dr. Hildreth.

"The Peace Corp volunteers worked tirelessly and were very helpful - and the Haitian people were most thankful for everything that was done, smiling and hardly complaining despite it all," Hildreth added.

Other members of the team included internal and emergency medicine physician Dr. Mark Boersma and a number of orthopedic and general surgeons from the surrounding area. The team established accounts on Facebook and Twitter in order to post regular updates and detail on the effort, all of which can be accessed through Dr. Hildreth's website.

Named among America's Best Doctors, Texas Super Doctors and H Texas Top Docs, Hildreth considers this opportunity to help Haitian victims among his greatest honors.

"This is the reason we become surgeons. Knowing that you've changed the outcome and positively impacted quality of life for an individual is both an honor and a privilege," said Dr. Hildreth.

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