A strong rehabilitation program in the treatment of an injured limb is key to a successful outcome. Studies continue to show that the sooner recovering limbs begin moving through normal range of motion of day-to-day life, the more rapid and successful the recovery.

Treatments and techniques are continually evolving in order to promote rapid mobility and reduce long periods of immobilization. Long periods of immobilization result in weakened muscles, which leave surrounding tissue and bone more vulnerable. Furthermore, the sooner a patient begins moving an injured limb, the less likely they are to experience long-term stiffness and range of motion loss. This understanding of the long-term benefits of immediate mobility of an injured limb has impacted rehabilitation programs and patient expectations. Once devastating injuries that ended the career of an athlete or much loved activity of an average individual, today pose only a minor inconvenience and brief interruption in activity.

Dr. Hildreth works with an expert team of rehabilitation specialists and fitness trainers, who tailor rehabilitative programs to each patient. The state of the art Physiotherapy facility is adjacent to Dr. Hildreth’s office, enabling him to closely monitor patient progress.

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