Treatment Options

Ahead of some of the latest advances in orthopedics, Dr. Hildreth works closely with manufacturers of medical devices and researchers to provide the best possible treatment options for his patients.

As a pioneer in his field, Dr. Hildreth is asked to assess safety and effectiveness of some of the newest devices and treatment options available in treating hand and upper extremity conditions. Always seeking the least invasive treatment possible, patients are offered conservative and minimally invasive treatments for some of the most common upper extremity conditions experienced today. From conditioning exercises, infrared therapy and ultrasound, to endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures, many ligament and cartilage tears, tendon conditions and more can be treated with minimal impact to the limb.

Also leading the way in the treatment of degenerative small bone and joint conditions of the hand, wrist and elbow, Dr. Hildreth utilizes the newest prosthesis and instruments available in small joint arthroplasty and total joint replacement - reducing recovery time, improving range of motion, and preserving quality of life long term.

Treatment plans are designed to suit the lifestyle and overall health of each patient - and rehabilitation specialists are always nearby and play a key part in every plan.